evaluation of HUMlab

HUMlab has been around as a permanent university unit since 2000 and it makes much sense to evaluate something that is new and different. Systematic evaluation is becoming much more common in Sweden (but still nothing like in the UK) and many established subjects have been evaluated by the The National Agency for Higher Education. HUMlab, however, does not fit any of these categories – which is rather nice. Therefore the Humanities Faculty decided that we should undergo external evaluation. Fortunately the review group was really excellent: Inge Jonsson (former vice chancellor of Stockholm University), Fred Karlsson (Dean of the humanities faculty at Helsinki University – as well as professor of linguistics) and Katherine Hayles (Associate Vice Chancellor for Research at University of California at Los Angeles – as well as professor of English).

Today the evaluation was made public:

The evaluation itself by professors Inge Jonsson and Fred Karlsson (in Swedish)
An international evaluation report by professor Katherine Hayles

The press release from Umeå University can be found here