Photoshop course

Today HUMlab artist in residence Linda Bergkvist taught a three-hour course on Photoshop.

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Not only is Linda a great teacher, illustrator and artist (check her lip tutorial out) but she is also really into computer games and today, after my lecture on digital narratives, she told us about her Sims life. As a result we have decided to stage a seminar where Linda will talk about her Sims play experiences (design, online forums, fan fiction, challenging the system, breeding beautiful sims people etc.) and where we will have a discussion on analyzing The Sims etc. Preliminary date: May 17.

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It was interesting to see how people interacted in today’s course. As usual Linda’s courses attract many participants and people often have to share computers – thus facilitating meetings. For instance, I saw a third term student of English working together with someone who is employed at The Research Archives.