the ebbs and flows of a lab

It is hard to predict the dynamics of an open and flexible lab such as HUMlab at any given point in time. Nevertheless there are a number of important factors such as booked activities, weather, the academic annual cycle etc. Having worked with HUMlab for quite some time now I have never managed to quite figure out when the lab is going to be full of people, “buzz”, unplanned meetings and exciting project work – and when it is more likely to be calm, reflective and empty. The ebbs and flows of a lab. But I have learnt to also appreciate moments when we are not obviously changing the world and seminars when we do not have 80 particpants.

At yesterday’s seminar we had a decent but not really large crowd of people. There was a good discussion and many issues that got me thinking and reflecting. I am looking forward to my next discussion with Elza. Also, I think that post-seminar time is important; i.e. what happens after the seminar is officially over. Here are some photos from yesterday:

Daniel (informatics) and Stefan (ethnology)

Elza (speaker), Therese (English), Emma (HUMlab) and engineering students

One of things that Elza touched on was the fact the mobile technology and information technology in general often support local networks and communities rather than global ones (based on her research on children/young people). This is probably not very surprising but frequently we do assume global repercussions. When we did the Jokkmokk project we found out that a large proportion of the blog readers, commentators and meetingplace particpants were from Jokkmokk. They even visitied our team in their space in central Jokkmokk. This is something that we did not really expect I think. This does not mean that the global (or non-local) aspects are not important but that we need to think local as well.