The Fear of a Moving Text

With the recent visit by Jeffrey Schnapp in HUMlab I adopted a term from him: “Dynamic Media”. I prefer this over “New Media” mainly because I believe it is not so new in 2005 and, by implication it needs to take its full and rightful place at the media family table.
Related to this are my own recent experiences with the nature of creation and reception of dynamic media (interactive, non-linear, multimedial, and intertextual). The first being how I present source texts and research materials of eLiterature in the context of an academic genre (English Literature) which is still generally focused on paper texts where the words are most often obliged to stand still. The second thing is the difficulty I have felt in bringing my own words to this blog. The translating of ideas into blog entries when the context is collective (but again dynamic, interactive, connective) leaves me searching for the ‘voice’ I want. Somewhere between these two points is my fascination, potential and application to “dynamic media”.