HUMlab does not really have a territory to defend. We do things that others do not and when others start to do these things we do not necessarily have to continue (I am mainly talking about the university situation here). We can move on to other things. Maybe our territory is so big that it impossible to defend in the first place. I do not know. Or maybe there is a well-defined territory and I can say these things because no one has tried to colonize it yet.

While the HUMlab Blog should not be a link blog (at least I do not think so) I thought I might make sense to refer to a few sources and materials that are a rather important part of the territory discussed above. The kinds of things we would like graduate students in the humanities and information technology to be familiar with. This is just a tentative (and rather personal) start:

[online journal]

RCCS Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
[cyberculture resource with an excellent collection of reviews]

electronic book review
[online journal – kind of]

Humanist Discussion Group
[email list with web archive, mainly humanities computing]

Technology and Culture
[useful resource page geared toward philosophy and education]

Human IT
[Swedish journal with many articles in English]

[Jill Walker’s blog]

[danah boyd’s blog]

What we might do if we find it useful is to create a del.ico.us presence for things like this. I just started one but it is rather empty at this point.