upcoming “short course”

Every semester HUMlab organizes about 15 short courses (3 hours each) on a wide range of topics: GIS, virtual worlds, blogs, the inside of a computer, PHP etc. The idea is to mix theory/talking and practice/doing. Most of the courses are held in Swedish but there are a few every semester in English.

The first English-language short course this semester is Art and Technology II. See description below. March 10, 2005, 1:00 pm-4 pm. You may register for this course through our website or through writing an email to anmal@humlab.umu.se.

Art and technology have been partners since the earliest experiments with natural pigments took place in caves. In the last thirty years the interplay between the production of art and the technology used in that production has blossomed. In keeping with the possibilities and themes of HUMlab we shall be looking at mainly digital examples of the interaction between art and technology. We will begin with some of the most innovative examples of interaction between art and technology in recent times. Artists and theorists such as Stelarc (The Body), Brody Condon (Gaming), Marc Pauline (Robots), Sandy Stone (Performance Art), Roy Ascott (Cyberart), Joep van Lieshout (Art as Reality), Christa Sommerer (Art as Biology), Andrea Wollensak (Art as GIS), Mark Meadows (Art as Narrative) and others will be discussed and some of their works negotiated.

We will then look at some of the possibilities for art production in the environment of HUMlab where a range of technologies are available for creative projects. These include virtual modeling programs, 3D world programs, GIS programs, still and moving imaging programs, sound production programs, and hypertext document production programs. Finally course participants will form into groups and undertake a story-board, pre-production session where an artwork is sketched out around a theme encountered during the course. This is then presented by each group as a work in progress.