Debate Aarseth-Jenkins on (computer) game studies

The photo below shows Henry Jenkins, MIT, and Espen Aarseth, the IT University of Copenhagen, a few hours before their much-anticipated game studies debate.

debaters at technology and project session (more here)

On January 18, 2005, HUMlab facilitated a discussion on game studies between Espen Aarseth and Henry Jenkins. The debate was part of a conference on the Humanities and Information Technology – The Technological Texture – that we organized. The idea was not to encourage confrontation but rather to allow two leading game researchers to discuss game studies, positions, traditions and study objects (among other things).

The debate is available as a realmedia stream from here. Enjoy!

Footnote 1: This stream should be seen as a part of the conference activities and the main focus was the in-lab debate rather than producing a “debate film”.

Footnote 2: The Linda who is mentioned in the introduction is Linda Bergkvist (HUMlab’s digital artist). Among the people taking part in the discussion are Jay Bolter, Lissa Halloway-Attaway and Muataz Naeem. If you participated in the discussion and do not find your name here, please contact us.