Where are the books?

We have a 3D model of the lab which we use in various contexts. For instance I used it when planning the projects and technology session for our recent conference. And working together with “our” 3D expert the model allows me to think about the future.

There are some discrepancies between the model and the world that presents itself when physically entering HUMlab.


For instance the model does not include any people and the point of view represented here is quite impossible outside the computer. And in reality, the collection of books represented here come from my own library (I believe a few sections of books have been reduplicated). I see our 3D model as a kind of experimental space.

I suppose this model is rather “realistic” and I tend not to be that that interested in recreating “reality” in the computer. But here a realistic model is quite useful (to show people the lab when they are not actually in the lab) and of course, also as an experimental platform for changing and developing the lab in various ways (What would the lab look like with 100 bean bags?).